Thank you, Paul, for giving this issue some attention. CRT and Gender Theory are two sides of a razor blade that the Gramsci-inspired left has used to gut real critical thinking in our universities over the past 25 years.

It's worth noting that colorblndness-as-racism is part of a theory of intolerance-as-tolerance promoted by Herbert Marcuse. There is really nothing new in any of this; it's all part of a Neo-Marxist playbook that's been unfolding methodically in our universities, and now secondary and primary schools. If you've browsed their web site and tracts, or taken certain courses in college or joined certain organizations, you know about it.

Terms like "whiteness" and "privilege" and "colorblind racism" are just new, snappier replacements for the stultifying academic language you can find in Gramsci. Marcuse and other writers of doctrine, designed for broader and more colloquial use. Same old Neo-Marxism with a new marketing plan. Thankfully, DeSantis and a growing number of republicans (and some liberals) get it.

You write: "It’s not surprising that DeSantis is leading here. Some Republican governors talk a strong conservative game but lack either the attention span or the gumption to follow through. Other Republican governors, though conservative in important respects, simply aren’t culture warriors by inclination. DeSantis answers to neither description."

Sadly, this is true, and this is exactly what MUST change in republican circles. Governors who want to ignore the cultural assault out of fear or laziness simply don't "know what time it is" in the history of our republic. If they want to defend a republican form of government, they must be engaged with this, or they shouldn't serve – no matter how many tax cuts they pass!

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On point and informative.

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