Addendum to my earlier Comment: Sen. Ron Johnson suspects that this boils down to what should or should not be classified as TS/SCI: https://youtu.be/fFZuZtylkTA

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Aug 14, 2022·edited Aug 14, 2022

Arguments that point to a distinction without a difference.

If you feel differently, demand Merrick (don't any of these Beltway suck-ups have normal names?) start with Hillary, who had no such authority. Then work around to Trump.

Meanwhile, don't be a hack for what is a purely political gambit.

If Trump could have done it an somehow didn't (or didn't keep a written memo to that effect), that's a distinction without a difference.

And even the commenter below wonders if it was a big deal why'd it take so long...? A: Because Democrats are desperate to hang something, anything... on Don.

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This is whack - it is never the documents, it is the way you treat them. Having them in a known secure location that is under the continuous surveillance by the secret service isn’t really a concern. Having them on a digital device that is not under a security umbrella of the fed is a problem. That is the reason this action is so different in a very bad way from the HRC affair.

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Those are all good points. What is unfathomable to the average Repub or indep voter is : If these documents are of such sensitive and crucial nature, why did it take 18 months for the DoJ to raid Mar-a-Lago? Doesn’t the CIA, DoD, and NSA keep records of what TS and TS/SCI documents it delivers to the WH? If so, I would certainly hope it wouldn’t take more than a month [after 1/20/21] to ascertain what has been returned and what hasn’t been returned.

An 18-month delay smells fishy - it looks like a dispute over whether the documents ever should have deemed TS or TS/SCI in the first place...with Trump taking the position that they should not have been and The Deep State taking the position that they should be reclassified as TS or TS/SCI even if Trump declassified them while President.

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