Sir, you missed mentioning the data whose fact we dare not speak, and which the Left will never utter.

Blacks are murdered, overwhelmingly, by other blacks (80-90% of victims were killed by others of their own race, depending on which year you look at). To discuss the criminal deaths of blacks without pointing out the agents of the vast majority of those deaths rather elides the issue, no less so than the laughably named "Black Lives Matter." If these inconvenient facts were more widely, and honestly, discussed, Black citizen would realize they have far more to fear from other Blacks than they do from "The Man" or "The PoPo."

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Knocking down statues, re-naming streets and holding symposia are easy. Stopping murders is hard work.

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This is excellent!




So sad that the people who claim to be the most sympathetic are actually making the problem dramatically worse. Shame on them.

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Mr. Otis omits a fifth step that we know would reduce the murder rate: executing murderers. In Texas, executions increased from zero in 1980 to a record 40 in 2000 — and the murder rate plunged by almost two-thirds, while murder in non-death-penalty states fell only 21 percent. Texas used to have a murder rate much higher than in the rest of the country, but after it gained the reputation of being Death Row Central, its murder rate for the last decade or so has been running slightly below the national rate.

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There’s far to little mention of these facts

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Things will not change until it cost the Democrats votes. I've heard Hispanics say, if the Democrats think they can treat us like they treat blacks, they have another thing coming. You're beginning to see that as more and more Hispanics are abandoning the Democrats. Until blacks do the same thing, this will all continue because Democrats only care about votes, no people.

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They don't want to "fix" black murder rates.

They love them!


Because like we see all of the time, they use those statistics to drive the anti-gun discussion that they so enjoy, and dozens of other "conversations". i.e. blacks are disproportional victims of violent crime, blacks are disproportional victims of the justice system, blacks are the victims of over-policing...

You know the theme.

If they actually "fixed" the black crime rate, then they'd be left with only the other race's crime rates, and that would fall pretty flat when they wanted to "present the data".

It's too bad that black Americans don't know this, but I guess they'd rather perceive themselves the victims of some nefarious ethereal "systemic racism", than the reality that they are victims of terrible policies and their own black crime; Two things that are tangible, could be solved, and aren't predicated on an invisible boogey-man.

Of course, if we had an honest media, everybody would know the truth, since it's patently obvious with just a 5 minute examination of the data, but we don't have an honest media, which is why they twist themselves into illogical pretzels trying to make the data say something that it doesn't.

Ho hum.

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"(1) more police, (2) more aggressive policing, (3) focus on high crime areas, (4) longer prison terms for violent crime. Those are exactly the 4 steps to save black lives that the Left opposes."

Wrong. Step 1 is ARM CITIZENS & abolish "gun free" zones. Honor the natural right to self- & mutual-defense. The "wild west" was far safer than Chicago. We need *fewer* cops, *more* armed citizens. The model of relying on police to defend us has failed badly. In Uvalde 400 stupid cowards ate donuts, texted, used hand sanitizer, arrested parents for an hour & a half while a lone punk shot 23 defenseless victims - until a few brave border patrol agents did their job for them. See V-Tech, Pulse Nightclub, Columbine, Parkland, Sandy Hook, Ft Hood etc. However many cops you hire, it'll still be "Dial 911 & Die" in "gun free" cities & zones. "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away" - then 90 mins while your kid bleeds out. The only one always with you is you. The only ones always in schools are teachers & staff. Cop-union "resource officers" are no substitute for arming teachers & staff. Uvalde had 6. Parkland's Broward Coward & others got off scot free.

Step 2. Execute murderers instead of building a police-prison state and enriching corrupt anti-gun police & prison guard unions. (100% of police unions oppose the natural right to keep & *bear* arms, love "gun free" zones, oppose accountability for cops who enforce unconstitutional laws.) Dems use police & prisons on conservatives - who dig their own graves pushing more cops & prisons, like after 9/11, mindlessly growing the "Security State" that is now predictably used against us.

Step 3: Universal School Choice so the poor can escape crap gvt-union indoctrination camps that keep them down and help turn kids into vicious thugs.

Step 4: Slash & abolish gvt "welfare", WICs, EBT, Section 8 etc. Charity should be private = accountable.

Step 5: Slash legal immigration & deport invaders so "housing" becomes affordable and real wages rise, incentivizing the poor to work and companies to train & hire them.

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Thank you for this piece! Heyjackass.com tells the story no 'black leaders' are talking about. Americans of african descent are murdered 40 times more than whites in ChiTown... Geezus... And 'Black Lives Matter' ignores it proving it a white liberal lobbying group. Like 1857.

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They will not say anything because the problem is in democrat controlled cities and that would contradict their arguments. So they lie for the 'greater good' I assume, thinking that if their policies are exported to the rest of the country, it will work; sort of like how communists think...oh wait..

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hmmm... I'm surprised that the Treasons Times, at least in this instance, didn't try to claim that the high rate of black on black violent crime is due to "white hate".

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Sep 3, 2023·edited Sep 3, 2023

The NYT is a very evil entity, epitomized by staffer Sarah Jeong and her flagrant hatred of white men—- “#cancel white men” and other despicable racist rants she was allowed to publish.

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Take a look at the blak crime in Europe and remember that most victims, by far, are white and the criminals are 3 rd world.

Oh but here we should try let’s say,more police, school choice, death penalty, long prison terms, saturation mental counseling, more government jobs specially set aside for blaks and the third world, blak RULE, reparations, more adoption of blaks by whites, more breeding of whites to blaks. Pick your solution. And always, never forget victims surface AFTER the crime is committed. When you are a victim it’s too fucking late.

Look over your shoulder, you’re next and it’s not the straight white guy comin up from behind.

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It's just interesting to see how cold, hard facts are completely hidden by the MSM. None of this is really hard to figure out--black kids are running wild. But no one wants to notice it. I mean, they are running wild in the streets, but no one wants to notice it.

Thank you Ann for stating the obvious.


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Except for my own fear of being a victim of crime by a black criminal (has happened twice), I have no sympathy left for Black America. If you can’t get yourself together while being in one of the richest countries in the world and with all the accompanying advantages, while whining about being victims 24/7, then at least try something different and vote NOT Democrat. Until that happens, I don’t want to hear it, and I don’t feel sorry.

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If you get a chance, watch these you tube videos: New York 1911. San Francisco 1906. 1950s California street scenes. A day in 1920s New York. Hollywood Blvd. 1957. That's America, clean, rich and safe. Fill your country with third world people, you become a third world country.. It's not rocket science.

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